The best nude beaches in the world

spectacular beach
Today we are going to review the best nude beaches in the world . You may not agree with the list because we have not included all of them. They are the 10 best in our opinion. There are 10 spectacular beaches where you can sunbathe and bathe like your mother brought you into the world, in a chopped ball.

You will see that the selection is quite complete. Most are from Europe, but there are also from America, Oceania and the Caribbean. Shall we start?

Es Trenc (Mallorca, Spain)

It's Train Mallorca
We start with one of our beaches, Es Trenc. It is located near Campos, in the south of the island of Mallorca . In its nearly four kilometers of coastline by 35 wide you can relax and enjoy its calm waters, which, as you can see in the image, are also crystal clear.

It is of white sand, it does not have a promenade and its occupation is usually high. It is the longest beach in the Enseneda de Sa Rápita and there is no need to worry about onlookers, since there are no buildings near Es Trenc and it remains very unspoilt. You can access it on foot or by car.

Guvano Beach (Corniglia, Italy)

guvano beach
Located in Corniglia, relatively close to La Spezia , it is very famous for nudism and for how crowded with hippies it was in the 70s. It is a very small beach, but it has a lot of charm. It is made of sand mixed with stones.

You can access it in two ways. One is to walk along the «Sentiero Azzurro» (Blue Trail) route towards Vernazza and then go down for about 10-15 minutes. The other is from the abandoned railway tunnel at Corniglia station. It costs 5 euros and takes about 15 minutes.

Red Beach (Crete, Greece)

Matala Red Beach
Located to the south of the island of Crete , specifically in the city of Mátala, it bases all its appeal on the beautiful reddish cliffs that you can see around you. The mix between nudism and nature makes you feel free while you bathe in the waters of the Mediterranean Sea.

You should know that Mátala is a small town that in 2011 only had 67 inhabitants, although in summer it multiplies that number by the arrival of tourists to the island. In fact, it began to become popular in the 1960s thanks to the hippies who were seen both on Red Beach and on Kommos Beach, where you can see an archaeological site with Minoan remains.

Negril Beach (Negril Jamaica)

Negril beach
Jamaica is considered the nudist island of the Caribbean, and Negril is the beach that best reflects this. In it you can not only sunbathe without a bikini or swimsuit. It is also possible to practice water activities such as diving, windsurfing, sailing, parasailing, water skiing or deep sea fishing.

Being a very famous hippie destination among the locals is something that is appreciated at first glance. The sale and consumption of marijuana is allowed in some places and reggae music does not stop playing so that the relaxation is total.

Valalta (Rovinj, Croatia)

Located on the coast of Istria , it is about five kilometers long, formed by a shore full of sand and rocks that alternate. It is an ideal place to spend a few days in a naturist camp enjoying good time with the family, since it is prepared so that children can have fun. There is no shortage of slides, nets to play volleyball, a mini golf, a tennis court, a restaurant or the typical beach bar.

Abricó Beach (Rio de Janeiro, Brazil)

Abrico Beach
It is located within the Grumari Municipal Natural Park , west of Rio de Janeiro, and is the only nudist beach in the capital of Brazil. In fact, it is the only beach in the country where nudism is allowed, since it is officially affiliated with the Brazilian Federation of Naturism (FBRN). In 1994 a bill was passed that made it possible for the beach to be nudist, something totally unprecedented and strange if we take into account that in those parts you cannot even go topless .

Bellevue Beach (Klampenborg, Denmark)

The water is not as warm as in the Mediterranean, but that does not mean that Klampemborg beach is packed to the brim on the hottest days of the year. Danes flock to it, especially the country’s youngest nudists.

Its sand has no stones and is perfect for practicing water sports. In addition, it has good views of Sweden and the Oresund Bridge that connects the two countries.

Tahiti Beach (St. Tropez, France)

Tahiti beach
It is located in the northern part of Pampelonne Beach , in the bay of Pampelonne, south of St. Tropez and east of Ramatuelle to be more exact. Officially it is not a nudist, but the most common is to find bathers who do not wear a swimsuit or bikini to bathe or sunbathe. Moreover, it is not strange to meet celebrities who decide to go to the beach in Tahiti in search of a dose of intimacy and nudism.

Wreck Beach (Vancouver, Canada)

Wreck Beach
It is a beach where clothing is optional. We located it in the Pacific Spirit Regional Park and it has an area of ​​approximately 6.7 kilometers. It is adjacent to the campus of the University of British Columbia (UBC), west of the Vancouver city limits.

There is a small parking lot on Acadia Beach that allows you to access Wreck Beach. There is paid parking and free parking, and those who decide to park in areas where it is prohibited are usually in for a nasty surprise.

Samurai Beach (Port Stephens, Australia)

Samurai beach
In Australia you can also practice nudism while sunbathing and bathing on one of its beaches. The most recommended of all is Samura Beach, located in Port Stephens, which is a huge natural harbor of about 134 square kilometers in the Hunter Region of New South Wales.

There are campsites for tourists who come to practice nudism and the predominant trend we could say is relaxation for much of the year. It is the best way to mix with nature and enjoy what one of the most recommended countries to travel offers, although unfortunately for the Spanish we are quite far away.

Samurai Beach Photo: Flickr