Alghero, a magical city in Sardinia

Yes, as we already told you in this blog a long time ago, the beaches of Sardinia are one of the treasures that this wonderful Italian island hides, the same can be said of many of its cities, which exhibit incredible beauty. A clear example is Alghero which, with the charm of its old town and its monuments, is drawn as a very special destination to discover.

It is in the province of Sassari, in the northwest of the island, and is known for the coral barriers that surround it, which is known as the Riviera del Coral . But, in addition, it has one of the most beautiful old towns in Italy. Strolling through its narrow streets, discovering every corner is undoubtedly a pleasure, as well as contemplating the views of the Mediterranean from its docks, surrounded by walls or “bastioni”.

Must to see

The presence of the Catalans during the fourteenth century has left an imprint on the city that remains to this day and is reflected, for example, in the elegant Spanish-style arches that run through the streets of Alghero. It is worth taking a leisurely stroll through the tangle of narrow streets of its medieval quarter, around the famous Via Carlo Alberto, the nerve center of the city, a street full of shops, bars and restaurants.

Churches and music: two for one

Among the monuments that you cannot miss is the church of San Michele , in the Baroque style, whose tower defines the Alghero skyline deeply. Another unmistakable building in the city is the Church of San Francesco , in which Romanesque, Gothic and Renaissance styles are mixed. During the summer months musical concerts are held in its wonderful 13th century cloister.

Finally, a visit to Alghero cannot do without the Cattedrale . It dates from the 16th century, except for the dome that was added in the 18th century, and its interior is a mixture of architectural styles.