Places to visit in Jordan

Jordan is located in the northwest of Saudi Arabia with a terrain that is mainly desert. Since its independence from Great Britain in 1946, Jordan began undertaking various economic reforms to control the public deficit, encourage tourism, and increase investment to help offset its lower supply of natural resources. The capital is Amman .

Its currency is the Jordanian Dinar. Regarding the climate, Jordan is characterized above all by having an arid desert climate with a rainy season in the west that runs from November to April. Amman is a city with a long history. It is known in the Bible as Rabbath-Ammon. It has many attractions, including the Roman amphitheater, the headquarters of the Museum of Cultural Folklore and the Museum of Popular Traditions, the Archaeological Museum, which houses some of the Dead Sea Scrolls, and the ruins of the Citadel .

Aside from the ruins and history, the King Abdullah Mosque and the Great Husseini Mosque are two perfect Muslim shrines in which to take more than one photo. Any trip to Jordan must include Petra , partly because of the beauty of the pink stone buildings, and partly because it was lost over a thousand years ago and was rediscovered in 1812. Another place is Aqaba , on the Sea. Red.

This area has a good climate and impressive waters. It is an essential destination for divers . If you are brave, you can head to the Wadi Rum desert, where Lawrence of Arabia hid. Jerash is another ruin site about 30 kilometers north of Amman.