What to eat in Colombia

In Colombia you can find a lot of great places to visit and a great variety of things to do during your trip. As always when you travel anywhere, it is advisable to try its gastronomy in order to discover the local flavors and taste a great variety of delicacies. In this country, gastronomy is distinguished by being very varied and tasty, so you have to try to try everything possible.

Colombian food is influenced by others such as Indian, Spanish, African, Arab or Afro-Antillean, so its mix of flavors and textures is truly spectacular. As in any other country, its typical dishes vary depending on which region you are in, but without a doubt that in any corner you will find a local delicacy that you can take to your mouth.

Gastronomy of Barranquilla

In the city of Barranquilla you will find a very wide and varied gastronomy with an important mix of cultures in each dish. It is mainly influenced by Caribbean cuisine. Among the dishes that stand out are the bocachico en cabrito , arroz de liza, sancocho de guandú with salted meat, cassava buns, egg arepa, empanadas or caribañolas. As for drinks, natural juices such as corozo, tamarind, sapote or medlar stand out. If you like sweets, be sure to try the arropilla, the cocadas or the encuyado.

Gastronomy of Cali

In this area you will also find dishes with a lot of flavor and very varied, such as sancocho de gallina , puerquitas (with banana and pork rinds) or aborrojado (with banana). To drink, the shampoo is the most requested and is prepared with pineapple, lulo and corn.

Gastronomy of Medellín

It is one of the areas where you will find a greater number of typical dishes, and also one of the cities with the largest number of international restaurants. Among the most prominent dishes is the paisa tray , which is made with ingredients such as beans, rice, pork rinds, powdered meat, chorizo, blood sausage or arepa corn. In addition, this dish is accompanied by avocado and tomato. Other typical dishes are the sancocho, the tamales or the tripe. For drinks, brandy, aguapanelita with cheese and mazamorra (peeled and cooked corn). As for the sweets, it is essential to try the arepas de chocolo, the fritters with custard or the solteritas.

Gastronomy of Cartagena de Indias

It is influenced by cultures such as Arab, European or Chinese, and uses mainly fish and shellfish that are found on all its coasts. The seafood casseroles, fish soups, egg arepas, sausages, carimañolas, cheese mote, seafood or coconut rice stand out. The most typical drink is chicha (corn and honey or sugar). As for the sweets, the most popular are tamarind balls, cocadas, pineapple sweets or alfajores.