What to eat in Indonesia

Indonesia is a much more attractive country than people think, with a lot of cities and monuments that are a real wonder, as well as an interesting culture that is worth knowing. As in all countries, its gastronomy is very particular and it has really tasty and spectacular dishes. That is precisely what I would like to talk to you about now, about Indonesian gastronomy, which is full of flavors that will become a real adventure on your palate.

Here are some facts about Indonesian gastronomy so that you know what you can eat when you go to visit the country. Take note:

– The staple diet of almost all Indonesians is Nazi , which comes to be rice, and which can be replaced by garnishes such as corn, cassava, sweet potato or sago.

Spicy food has a great role in almost all dishes and are preferred by all those who try their cuisine.

Seafood is also an important part of its gastronomy and of many of its dishes, with delicacies such as lobsters, oysters, prawns, shrimp or crabs. In almost all bars, restaurants or any other place that serves food, it is very possible that you have a couple of dishes with seafood.

– One of the most popular dishes is the Rijsttafel , which is a mixture of various types of meat, fish, vegetables and curries. All in the same dish and that gives you a roller coaster of flavors. Of course, it is not suitable for light or overly refined stomachs since it is obviously a strong dish.

– Another dish that mixes even more ingredients than the previous one is the State , which has meat, fish, pork, lamb or chicken, all grilled and with a peanut sauce. Spectacular if you like to try incredible flavors.

– Other dishes that are also well known are Rendang (curried coconut buffalo), Gado-gado (a salad of raw and cooked vegetables with peanut sauce and coconut milk) and Babi Guling (Bali and roast suckling pig) .

As a matter of interest, to tell you that in Indonesia a tip of 10% of the total bill is usually left.