If you are going to eat in the Sierra de Francia …

Although by name it may not seem like it, the Sierra de Francia is located in the central system of the south of the province of Salamanca . It is a very well-known mountain range in Spain both for its landscapes and for its trails. This time we are going to focus on the gastronomy of the place. Its tasty and traditional traditional dishes can help you by giving you the energy you need if you decide to go hiking in the area.

There are a large number of dishes that you can taste in all the restaurants in the town. All of them are typical avocados, highly recognized throughout the Sierra de Francia area. First of all, order some starters. They will allow you to check the quality of their sausages. Chorizos , salchichones or cheeses , all of them made in the area. If in addition, once you try them you have loved them, you can buy it in one of the many sausage stores that you will find.

Once the entrees are finished, we give you two options. First, the stirred potatoes . It is one of the best known and typical dishes of the area. They have an incredible flavor and are usually accompanied by a bacon to eat with them. To taste this dish you have to have a good stomach, as it is a very filling dish. If not, you always have the second, not the worst option for that: artisan soups .

Do not leave the Sierra de Francia without tasting the meats of the area. All are prepared in a wood oven , something that will leave you with a unique flavor that is hard to forget. And what better way to finish with one of their delicious desserts: fried milk , cheesecake or rice pudding . Nothing better to regain strength than a good meal!