The best destinations for backpackers

Do you like to travel backpack on your back? Today we are going to know some of the best destinations for backpackers . They are ideal places to move in this way. You can sleep in shelters, for example, and not spend more than necessary. In addition, they offer you landscapes and cities that are worth knowing.

1. Indonesia

When we talk about these perfect backpacker trips, sometimes we find cheap destinations in themselves but for those that do, you still have to spend a little more money to get there. That is, some flights will not be as cheap as we would like, but when you arrive you will be able to spend much less. This is the case of Indonesia . Here you can enjoy its beaches, its cities and all its culture.

2.- Peru

Peru will be a good destination if you like to travel your own way. Here you can enjoy its landscapes , beaches, ruins, forests and jungles. Of its tradition, its stories and its cities. Of course, without forgetting Machu Picchu.


3.- Malaysia

It is a quite exotic destination, full of different cultures and traditions and with many natural corners that will fascinate you. It is a cheap and safe trip.Here you can get to know Kuala Lumpur, walk through tea fields, enjoy the city of Georgetown, the Taman Negara National Park (one of the oldest forests in the world), climb Mount Kinabalu, visit the area from Borneo or delve into its crystalline beaches.

4.- Costa Rica

For nature and backpacking lovers, Costa Rica will be an unavoidable destination. This country treasures some wonderful national parks and dream beaches. You can visit the Corcovado National Park or the Palo Verde National Park. You can even see an erupting volcano. Nature in its purest form.

Costa Rica

5.- Laos

Laos is a very popular destination for backpackers and still not very exploited. The environment is quite rural and quiet , it does not have a beach and is perfect for a serene vacation away from tourists and lots of partying. You can visit its capital Vientiane, the city of Luang Prabrang, the archipelago of 4,000 islands or go trekking among its mountains.

6.- Thailand

It is a destination perhaps better known and perhaps less peaceful than some of the previous ones. But this backpacking trip to this place is sure to give you an unforgettable experience. Enjoy its food, its cities and its culture , its special corners.


7.- Nicaragua

It is a country not too exploited for tourism yet compared to others in Central America. In this destination you will discover colonial cities that you will love, the area of ​​the white villages or the volcanoes that can also serve as observatories to enjoy incredible panoramic views.

8.- Nepal

Nepal will be an incredible destination if you are passionate about the mountains . Although not only if you like this type of tourism, because it also has many other things to see and enjoy. Kathmandu has a wonderful historical center, for example, with unique buildings and corners. And if you like the mountains, you can trek to the foot of Everest or go on a circuit in Annapurna.


9.- Turkey

It is an inexpensive country for backpacking although perhaps less virgin than other destinations we have seen. It has a mix of culture and history that you will love, and historical places that will fascinate you.

10.- Sri Lanka

Cycle through the UNESCO World Heritage cities of Anuradhapura and Polonnaruwa, cross the country by train, and be amazed by the wild nature at Yala and Minneriya parks, for example. Sri Lanka is culture and nature and it becomes a good destination for backpackers.