The best cities for shopping

Summer is coming, good weather, desire to rest, so it is necessary to consider the best destination for our vacations. Sometimes you not only have to assess the cultural offer, the climate or the price, but you have to keep in mind the quality of its stores, especially if we really like to go shopping . More and more people are deciding on a city with the intention of returning with a suitcase loaded with the latest fashion garments.

Virtually all cities have a large number of shopping centers where we can buy or try a multitude of brands. However, some sites provide added value due to the quality of their fabrics, stores or the brands that represent them. It is known as " shopping tourism ". However, it is not always related to the field of fashion, electronic, sports or jewelry products are also taken into account.

The city that stands out above all the others is undoubtedly New York . Its offer is as varied as it is impressive, there you can find absolutely everything, all the models worn by celebrities or actresses. We recommend that you take a walk down Fifth Avenue . In addition, you will take advantage of the high discounts that they usually provide on holidays or due to the favorable exchange rate, so the city is designed for all types of pockets. Bloomingdales and Saks are two of the busiest businesses in the city.

The second city par excellence to obtain the Visa is London , which stands out for its long streets full of shops or street markets, among which Camden stands out. In addition, it is one of the cities that sets the most trends in Europe, while you can access garments of all kinds of styles, for all tastes, so its prices are also quite contained. The Harrods shopping center is a department store that is located on Brompton Road, a street in the Knightsbridge neighborhood, in the heart of the city of London, it is the mecca of luxury and quality, a reference worldwide.

We cannot forget Paris , the city that will always remain, it fuses the concept of fashion with that of gastronomy. Its stores not only stand out for their prestigious products, but for the beauty of the buildings. While in its markets you can access an endless number of typical products for the most demanding palates.

As an exotic destination, Singapore should be highlighted, an increasingly modern and cosmopolitan city, full of contrasts. In its many shopping centers we can see all kinds of high luxury products, from jewelry to carpets, passing through the most exclusive fashion brands of the old continent. It also stands out for its large bazaars, where fabrics are mixed with the typical aromas of its recipes.