Travel destinations according to your personality

The time has come to choose our destination , vacations await us, but first we must plan the trip . For this you can select from the thousands of possibilities according to your personality profile. Make sure the tourist destination suits your preferences and enjoy choosing the best option for this year.

For the more adventurous we recommend visiting beaches or places where you can practice extreme sports such as surfing, parachuting, bungee jumping, diving or jet skiing. Look for packages in travel agencies called "adventure tourism": jungle, jungle, waterfalls or glaciers. Choose the option that suits you best, excites you and have time for it.

For elegant people, with style and budget, your ideal destination will be given by luxury hotels, casinos, ski centers, theaters, exclusive beaches, good restaurants or spas where you can be pampered with beauty treatments, among others. It will be an excellent opportunity to meet people with similar interests to be able to make new trips in the future.

For them to have a curious personality or to be restless , it is advisable to take a "tour" or trip in which there are many new, interesting and exciting scene changes. Choose tours of little explored places, visits to centers of intellectual interest such as places of exploration or cultural interest.

For mysterious and exotic, visit "mystical" places or where you can learn about ancient cultures. The most popular destinations in these cases are Egypt, Indonesia and South America. Find out which one best suits your availability and surrender to the mystery. If you can, try to share it as a couple.

For athletes you can choose those that allow you to exercise outdoors, according to your preferences: beaches or rivers for water sports, forests or mountains if you are a mountaineer or cyclist. Select cities that host major sporting events, soccer matches, and multi-discipline competitions.

For romantics and "sensitive", the ideal is to visit paradisiacal islands, snowy mountains, unforgettable cruises. Try to get to know the "cities of love" like Paris, Venice or Verona.

For intellectuals looking for a mental and cultural experience in which to learn and gain new knowledge. The most interesting options is to go to all the museums and guided tours in the chosen destination. You will find numerous fun proposals to get to know in depth all the great cities of the world. Choose commemorative or historic dates to participate in the celebrations of your national milestones.

For calm and collected personalities, opt for nature. Choose places that allow you to enjoy yourself in peace, if possible with your partner or a small and chosen group of friends. Another option would be to participate in a "spiritual retreat" or meditation in which to find your inner peace.