Travel to Togo

Togo is a very interesting tourist destination, with impressive coastal lagoons, wooded savannas, dense forests, swampy plains and long sandy beaches. Visitors are captivated by the succession of diverse landscapes and the wonders that such an interesting place offers them. With modern hotels available on the beaches and the colonial architecture of the interior, Togo presents the perfect mix between contemporary and classical times.

If you decide to travel to this beautiful place, remember that it has some of the most impressive national parks in the region, with an excellent collection of wildlife. You will be able to see elephants, buffalos, antelopes and a great variety of birds. Fazao National Park, is located outside of Sokode and is one of the best. Fosse aux Lions in southwest Dapaong and Keran National Park in Kara are also impressive parks that should not be missed. At Kpalimé , you will be able to discover the most exotic butterflies that you could have ever imagined.
Many of Togo’s visitors are drawn to the sheer number of hiking possibilities they will have. Especially popular are the routes around Kpalimé. If you prefer action and adventure, then you will have to practice some of the water sports that Togo has to offer. The huge Lake Togo is the ideal place for diving, water skiing, etc.
If you want to know the beaches, Togo has a collection of wonderful beaches, where you can enjoy long relaxing days. There are also beaches in the Lomé area, which are worth a good visit. An activity that you should not miss is whale watching. The Gulf of Benin is home to the largest mammals in the world. You will be able to see the whales perfectly during the month of October.