What to eat in Sweden

There is no doubt that gastronomy is a very important aspect to take into account since it will serve to further enjoy any city or country that we are going to visit. The best thing when visiting a city that is not yours is to taste the typical dishes, thus getting to taste a great variety of mixtures of different cultures anywhere in the world.

Today I would like to talk about Swedish gastronomy and what food is like in that country, which although it is not one of its main strengths, the truth is that it has many interesting points. Swedes are known for their elegance when it comes to eating, not only for the elaborate dishes but also for the decoration of the table, where you can find chandeliers, flowers, silver cutlery, luxury tableware and high-quality glassware. Take note of some important details to keep in mind when eating in Sweden :

– They tend to pay attention to various legends when it comes to food. For example, the one that is most strictly followed is eating dried pea soup with bacon on Thursdays, something that is done because King Henry XIV died on a Thursday eating the same thing but, in his case, poisoned.

– Swedish cuisine is very varied in terms of the foods it uses, with fish and meat standing out in many dishes. Fish is always seasoned with spices , pickles and sauces. Many dishes can be bittersweet and have a different taste, but the truth is that almost all of them are delicious.

– It is curious that they use sugar to season many dishes, achieving really interesting contrasts. The most typical dish, the salted duck , also has sugar and various ingredients that perfectly combine the sweet with the salty.

– Some of the most typical dishes are smoked meat , sausages, smoked reindeer or dried fish accompanied by sweet bread. Fresh food is part of many typical recipes, such as sole, chicken or partridges.

– You can not miss a few Swedish sweets , such as soufflé (cream or chocolate), meringues, ice cream or waffles. The fruit is usually consumed in compotes and it is very rare that you see someone eating it naturally.

– As for drinks, alcoholic drinks are only served in restaurants that have a special permit for it, although always with time limitations. The best local drink is beer, which is very good competition to the German. The brandy and Swedish coffee (very aromatic) are other of the most consumed.