Eat in berlin

I love writing about travel and, especially, about the gastronomy that you can find anywhere, and at least I love it when I go on a trip to any city to be able not only to know its most interesting corners but also to taste its dishes more typical.

So, today I would like to talk to you about gastronomy, of course, in this case of which you can find in Berlin, without a doubt one of the most attractive European cities for all tourists thanks to how international it is, to the fantastic nightlife that it has, the great atmosphere that it breathes, everything it has to offer and, of course, its traditional food. Take note of these tips for eating in Berlin :

– First of all, I must tell you that it is a multicultural gastronomy thanks to the influence that cultures such as Turkish, Indian, Pakistani, Czech or Polish have had on them over the years.

– In Berlin you find yourself in the German city with the largest number of award-winning restaurants, so you will undoubtedly enjoy haute cuisine if that is what you like, although you also have other cheaper places where you can also eat wonders.

– One of the most successful foods is fast food, which there are usually all kinds of German sausages and that you can find in various street stalls, almost always dogs and that the normal thing is to season it with curry and tomato sauce.

– I love the bars that serve traditional food , like the taverns here, and that there you can taste in dishes that have lots of potatoes, cucumbers, vegetables, cabbages, poultry and pork, all of them the main ingredients of German cuisine in general and Berlin in particular.

– The menu of the day that we know here is called "unter de Woche" and in it you usually find many of the traditional dishes such as Eisbein (pork knuckle with cabbage), Sauerkraut (mashed peas with cabbage), Rinderbrust (meat of beef with radishes) or Kasseler (smoked pork).

– Almost all dishes are usually served with potatoes, various sauces, desserts, leberwurst (sausage based on pureed liver) or mashed potatoes.

– As a recommendation, the restaurants that best combine quality and affordable prices are in the Neukölln and Kreuzberg neighborhoods.