Denali National Park in Alaska

We have already spoken on several occasions that National Parks are spectacular spaces that make thousands of tourists come to visit them to discover their great beauty. There are countless those around the world, each with its own characteristics and with something that makes them special, thus distinguishing themselves from all the others. No two national parks are the same, so seeing one does not mean, far from it, that you should not see more.

One of the most spectacular I have seen is Denali National Park Reserve , which is in Alaska . Although I have only seen it on TV and in photographs, it seems to me one of the most incredible natural places in the world. There is Denali Mountain, which is the highest in North America. In addition, the park covers about 25,000 square kilometers, with a great variety of flora and fauna that live in total freedom.


Almost half a million people visit this park each year, people who explore nature without equal and in its purest state. Each season of the year makes Denali look unique, and seeing it in the spring is totally different from seeing it in the fall or winter. During the winter it is completely snowy and there are various activities, such as skiing, snowboarding and even dog sled racing .


His story

This park had its beginnings in prehistoric times, and it was home to species as ancient and interesting as mammoths. With the end of the ice age, everything changed, thus forming the mountains, surfaces and lakes that currently exist. In 1978 Denali Mountain was named a Natural Landmark, which made it a much more interesting place for tourists.


Natural beauty

Its beauty has a lot to do with the climate, since in that area it is very extreme almost all year round. In fact, there have been years when everything has been snowy until August. When spring arrives, there is an incredible explosion of color, and the animals begin to show themselves more to prepare for when winter arrives again. There are many protected species, such as the brown bear, the gray wolf, the reindeer or the arctic squirrels .