Alaska’s Ice Highway

In recent days we have seen that it snowed in many cities, something that usually happens very rarely in our country. However, snow is very common in other parts of the world, where everything is covered with snow and ice for several months, and there are even places where it snows practically all year round.

Alaska is one of the places where you can find the most snow almost at any time, and today I would like to write about the Dalton Highway , an ice highway that is between Fairbanks and Deadhorse, which are already in the territory of the Arctic Circle. This highway, one of the most isolated in the United States, is covered in ice about 10 months out of the year, making it one of the most dangerous.

Dalton Highway

On this highway there are very frequent snow storms , even in the middle of August when the weather is good, suddenly a storm arrives. Dalton Highway is covered in ice 83% of the year, yet it is still traveled by hundreds of truckers every day, making it also known as "The Truckers’ Ice Road." A couple of years ago a television series was made that was focused on this highway, "Ice Road Truckers", specifically on the difficult work of all the truckers who circulate on it.


One of the times of the year when the highway is most beautiful is when the thaw months arrive, which leave a spectacular landscape in which you can appreciate a beauty that is difficult to see the rest of the year. Lush forests, spectacular mountains, desert areas, extreme environments and areas for practicing adventure sports …


One of the most interesting areas is the Atigun Pass , a mountain pass that is covered in snow almost all year round and is a pure Alaskan landscape, the image that best describes this place. There are also other places, such as the Yukon River pass , which is the most mighty and largest in Alaska and is crossed by a spectacular bridge.