Airports with free services for their travelers

The airport is a key element in any trip made by plane, of course. That it is well organized and signposted, that it works efficiently, and that it offers the minimum necessary services is very important, especially if we have to spend several hours waiting for our flight to depart.

As well. In addition to these minimum requirements, there are airports in the world that offer very interesting and free extras , which makes the wait much more pleasant for travelers. If you like to travel and move from one country to another, you should know which are these airports where you will be treated like real "very important persons".

Entertainment for everyone

In most airports in the world they charge you double for any snack, and in many you still have to pay to use the Wi-Fi. However, more and more airports are understanding that the better the treatment that users receive, the more likely they are to return. This is why many offer free extras . For example, at Tallinn airport in Estonia, you can Skype using the Internet for free (Wi-Fi is also free).

In Amsterdam, at Schiphol airport, there is a library in which nine of its seats are provided with iPads and users have one hour of free Internet . Also at New York’s JFK airport, 200 iPads have been installed in restaurants near the boarding gates.

And if you have to wait a few hours at the Taoyuan International Airport, in Taipei (Taiwan), you can enjoy a guided tour of Taipei courtesy of the airport. Changi Airport, in Singapore, also offers this extra service to its customers, in addition to the option of watching movies on the big screen or using Xbox and Playstation consoles for free. In addition, there is free wireless Internet throughout the airport.