Curiosities about Tokyo

Whenever we organize a trip to any place we look for a lot of information about its tourist places and everything you can do there. But in addition to that, there is a lot of useful information or curiosities that do not usually appear in travel guides and that it is very good to know before arriving.

Tokyo is one of the most visited cities in the world since it has many attractions, but today I would like to tell you those curious facts that very few people know, so here are a few curiosities about Tokyo :

– Here you will find the busiest pedestrian crossing in the world and through which some 5 million people pass every day, the Shibuya crossroads.

Restaurants always display a wax reproduction of each of the dishes they serve in their windows, something that will undoubtedly help you make your choice better, especially if you are one of those who eat through the eyes.

– There is a type of bar that has become fashionable and that is the one that has cats , yes yes, cats. A couple of sofas and a few cats at ease.

– It is very normal for you to meet people in disguise on the street whatever day it is and without there being anything special. This is because there are many urban tribes that are usually fully characterized in their day to day or only at night.

– The Japanese are very polite and attentive, so anywhere they will serve you great. When they are the customers, they will never complain if they are not well taken care of, what they will do is never return to that place.

– There are areas where you cannot walk and smoke at the same time, you will know it since there are graffiti on the walls that indicate this. That is, you can be still smoking but not while you walk.

– The inhabitants of Tokyo wear masks when they are sick so as not to infect other people on the street.

– In this city they are great lovers of dogs and it is very normal to see them in baby carriages. In addition, you can rent a dog, and it is that the Japanese love that others know that they have one.