Curiosities about airports

There are many people who like to discover curious facts about many things, in the case of travel they can be curiosities about a city, a monument or even an airport. With so many airports in the world, it is logical to think that they are surrounded by anecdotes that will be unknown to almost everyone, many of them very curious that are worth collecting.

Curious details such as knowing which is the largest airport in the world, which one moves the most passengers, which one is the highest … as well as others such as knowing if there is a country where there are no airports and things like that. Here I leave you with the most curious data:

The biggest

The Saudi Araubia airport is the largest in the world thanks to its 327,000 square meters, which are divided into six floors. Three of these floors are for passenger boarding, and despite being the largest, it is not the busiest.

No airport

It is difficult to find a country that does not have an airport today, but there are 5 in the world, and curiously all are European. These are small countries like Monaco, San Marino, Andorra , Lienchestein and the Vatican.

The busiest

Atlanta airport, in Georgia (United States), is the busiest in the world thanks to its more than 85 million passengers that it moves every year. I was there making a stopover a few years ago and I have to say that it is also a spectacular airport.

The longest track

Bangda Airport, in the heart of the Himalayas , has the longest runway in the world thanks to its 5,500 meters in length. It is also the airport that is located at the highest level, specifically at 4,334 meters.

The most international

Heathrow airport, in London, is the one that moves the most international travelers, with more than 60 million a year. From there you can travel to 181 cities around the world, and it is also one of the cities with the most workers, with no less than 72,000.