Bodrum, ancient Halicarnassus

Turkey is a very popular tourist destination for many reasons: the wonderful city of Istanbul, the impressive region of Cappadocia … But this millenary country has many more places of interest, in which history shines with its own light. In addition to historical heritage, there are cities like Bodrum that seem to have it all: a coastline with blue waters and beautiful beaches, a historic old town full of interest and joy, and a fantastic nightlife.

The city that today is known as Bodrum had in classical antiquity a much more aristocratic place name: Halicarnassus, the place where King Mausolus erected his tomb, the Mausoleum of Halicarnassus, which came to be considered one of the seven wonders of the ancient world.

From village to tourist destination

Bodrum is located between two historic seas: the Aegean and the Mediterranean. Past its former classical glory, until the 1970s it was just a quiet fishing village built on Greek ruins. The truth is that of what must have been an impressive mausoleum, only fragments and ruins remain, which are also not even in the city but in the British Museum in London. But in Bodrum there is a lot of heritage to see: the Castle of St. Peter of Halicarnassus or Bodrum Castle, without going any further.

History everywhere

It is a huge fortress from the 15th century that is preserved in magnificent condition, as you can see in the photos. If in times it was a construction designed to protect the bay, today it is the Underwater Archaeological Museum. In addition, taking Bodrum as the center of operations, it is possible to make excursions to mythical names within history, such as Miletus, Ephesus, Pyrene … Places full of classical antiquity to discover and admire. But not everything is culture in a good vacation: there must also be time to relax on the beach and dive, lung or with bottles, to enjoy the seabed with reefs and corals full of life and color.

Night on the beach

Bodrum’s nightlife is also very stimulating, to such an extent that many celebrities come to enjoy exclusive parties in this small city. The town and its promenade come alive when the sun goes down, which reveals itself in the form of beach parties, discos and pubs. Without going any further, the Halikarnas nightclub is a classic of the beach march: you cannot miss it if you travel to Bodrum.