Tikal; know the ancient Mayan culture

The Mayan culture has long centered the admiration of the whole world. His knowledge of astronomy is present in the construction of its cities, among which the one known as Tikal stands out . This is located in Petén, Guatemala, and is one of the most emblematic before this culture suddenly became extinct.

Although some discoverers glimpsed the complex of the pyramids of Tikal, it was not until 1848 when an expedition was really mounted to enter the jungle and recognize the place. From there, its discovery within the scientific world gave way to public curiosity to know the complex that today is known as Tikal National Park and that in 1979 became the first archaeological site in the world to become an ecological and historical heritage of the Unesco .
Temple I or Temple of the Great Jaguar is the main attraction of this archaeological park, which has served as inspiration for films such as Star Wars. In the middle of the northern jungle of Guatemala, it is reached by land in a trip of several days from the capital of Guatemala or by plane to an airport near the area.
It is believed that it was an urban city ​​of the Mayan culture, which for no known reasons was still suddenly abandoned. Although its structure differs from other constructions of this type, its state of conservation despite its age and the originality of its pyramids make Tikal one of the most visited monuments in the world .