Travel to Frankfurt am Main

In the federal state of Hesse in Germany is Frankfurt am Main one of the most populated cities in this European country, commonly known only as Frankfurt or Frankfurt . During its history it was part of the Holy Roman Empire, part of Prussia. It is characterized by a rich history and a beautiful natural environment, as well as an interesting modern way.

Frankfurt is a city with few inhabitants, but a major international tourist destination. It is today also the financial center of the European Economic Community, the place where the German Stock Exchange is located, so its financial district is known as Mainhattan, alluding to the name of the New York city of great financial importance in the United States. .
But Frankfurt is a city of many more attractions than just stock exchanges. You have to take a long tour of the city and enjoy a highly modern European destination where you can entertain yourself by shopping on Carrer de Zeil . You have to calmly walk the Römer , which is the old center of the city which has been rebuilt after suffering the bombings.
Don’t forget to go up to the Maintower to appreciate an exceptional view of Germany from its 200 meters high. If you like sports, you will know that in Frankfurt you will find the Commerzbank Area that hosted the 1974 World Cup. Visit several museums, including the Städel Museum. Enjoy the richest German cuisine in its many cafes and restaurants .