Walt Disney Museum in California

The Disney world is a fantastic claim when it comes to tourism, with millions of people visiting its parks and museums throughout the year in any corner of the world. One of the places you can visit is the Walt Disney Museum in San Francisco , in the state of California, and it has a lot of interactive content where you can learn the whole story of the man who revolutionized animation.

All of its galleries are dedicated to the life of Walt Disney , his influence from Hollywood, and his achievements in both the animation and film industries. A museum full of history that includes family photos, various objects and, of course, all the Disney movies. It is the only museum that fully tells the life of its creator.

A museum full of magic and where you can see historical designs, period films and models of what later became the Disney Parks , especially the Disneyworld in Orlando. The perfect place to discover first-hand how the magical world of animation developed that has accompanied us all since we were children and that even as adults makes us enjoy each production.
Admission is $ 20 for adults and $ 12 for children up to 17 years old, and to see it in full you need about 3 hours. As in any other museum, at the end of it you have a fantastic shop where you can buy postcards, books, dolls, trinkets and all kinds of souvenirs. Note that it is forbidden to take pictures inside and that you can only take them outside and in the lobby, although that should not matter since the truly important thing is to be able to enjoy all its content without worrying about taking pictures since the memory will be recorded in your retina forever.