What to eat in Turkey

One of the most attractive countries in Europe is Turkey , in addition to Asia since part of the country corresponds to that continent. Today I would like to talk to you about Turkish gastronomy , totally delicious and that tasting it becomes a unique adventure.

Here are some of the characteristics of Turkish food and what you should try when you visit this country. Take note:

– Thanks to belonging to two continents with gastronomies as rich as European and Asian, Turkish cuisine offers fantastic contrasts and mixes in its dishes that are absolutely delicious. In a single dish you can find several different traditions and cooking styles .

– This gastronomy not only takes its own from the country but uses many ingredients and customs of the German and British, so there are dishes that are a real adventure and you will not be able to try them anywhere else than here.

– Among its best specialties you can find the Kofte (a spicy in the shape of a sausage and that its meat is like that of meatballs), the Shish kebab (pieces of meat on a skewer that is grilled), Pide (it comes to be a pizza with cheese and eggs), Dolma (they are vine leaves or vegetables that are stuffed with pine nuts and raisins) or the Lokum (a dessert that combines honey, jasmine and roses with gum arabic. Ideal for after coffee).

– As for the drinks, the most traditional are raki (anise), cay (tea), ayran (a drink made from yogurt) or strong Turkish black coffee, which is the most traditional in the whole country Although if you are not very into coffee, I recommend that you take a milder one.