The big bed of the Air France business class

air France
Air France has released the first images of a very special seat that will be installed, for now, in the business class seats of its aircraft. These curious and, at the same time, comfortable seats are transformed into a wide two-meter bed that will become the longest on the market.

The airline , which is investing around € 110 million in business class upgrades, will offer this new service on long-haul flights from the end of this year. The bed-seat is reclining and uses part of the front seat as a footrest and as an extension of the bed so that the “ cabin ” is much larger.
That footrest is a total of 61 centimeters wide. Also, it uses a special structure to offer greater privacy to passengers. The structure is made up of a series of environmentally friendly materials. Air France has also expanded the video screen to 15 inches (in a 16: 9 widescreen format), offering a special headset with noise reduction technology for passengers who prefer to watch some of the movies they offer during the flight. flight.

Earlier this year, three of Europe’s largest companies – Air France, Lufthansa and British Airways – launched their new first-class facilities, boasting new features that provide the user with greater comfort and peace of mind. Air France has explained that it prefers to invest in its business class during the crisis, as now is the perfect time to take care of passengers and remember the good service provided to them when the global recovery begins.