Travel to Qatar

Qatar is one of the countries that has been growing the most in recent years at all levels, but particularly in terms of tourism. With the organization of the Soccer World Cup in 2022, the entire country is undergoing a spectacular remodeling to be able to be up-to-date in infrastructure when the long-awaited appointment arrives. Its capital is Doha , one of the cities with the most elegant and beautiful buildings in the world.

With millionaire leaders thanks to petrodollars, the government is doing everything possible to start attracting tourism worldwide to become one of the most desired destinations, as is already the case with Dubai. In fact, ‘Qatar Foundation’ , a company that belongs to the Qatari government, is the sponsor of FC Barcelona in our country, a fact that is increasing its tourism quotas.

It is a country with a great variety of tourist destinations and a lot of modernity, so it becomes a country of spectacular contrasts. It is divided into 10 municipalities, what here we could call provinces, and which are Doha, Guaria, Yumalia , Jor, Al Wakrah , Ar Rayyan, Jariyan al Batnah, Madinat Ash Shamal, Umm Salal and Mesaieed, all of them with different things to offer. to the tourist.

In Guaria you have a small town of almost 3,000 people, a very small place where you can soak up Qatari history and culture and with places that reveal how the country has always been. All municipalities are more or less the same as major modernization efforts are underway in Doha, although elsewhere they are already beginning to modernize for the World Cup as well.

Tell you that throughout the country it is truly muggy and the temperatures are very high throughout the year, being much worse in summer since on any summer night you can exceed 40 degrees at dawn, being higher during the day. In fact, the main criticisms for giving this country the organization of the most important football event are because there are many doubts that footballers can bear to play like this, although the stadiums are set up so that it does not affect the external climate.