Travel to Bangladesh

Bangladesh is a country that is located in South Asia and has about 170 million inhabitants. It is almost completely surrounded by India and in it you can find a wide variety of destinations and interesting places, such as many temples, beaches, forests or a very diverse fauna. A country where you will enjoy spectacular natural beauty and that has a lot to offer in many ways. It is not among the most visited countries in the world but it is definitely worth exploring.

To spend a relaxing day, there is nothing like taking a walk along one of the many rivers that exist throughout the country, which offer a beautiful landscape surrounded by nature. Relaxation is also offered by the many beaches that there are and from which you can enjoy landscapes such as the Bay of Bengal , the Chittagong hills or the Sylhet hills, both very popular and the most visited by lovers of the great mountains both for climbing as well as hiking.

If you visit this country you cannot miss Dhaka , its capital, and where you will find a large city with many places of interest such as museums or monuments. It is the largest city in the country and has about 11 million inhabitants, which makes it also one of the most populated in the world. The capital is also the perfect place to try the country’s gastronomy since there are restaurants that combine the best of each region in their dishes.

Other major cities in the country are Chittagong (here is the largest seaport in the country), Narayanganj, Khulna (one of the largest industrial cities and which has the only shipyard in Bangladesh), Rajshahi or Sylhet.