Tips for choosing a cabin on a cruise

I have already told you on other occasions that cruises are one of the most successful trips in recent years, and I particularly love it, so much so that on one occasion I worked on one for a few months. When choosing a cruise you have to take many things into account, in fact I once gave you tips for it.

Today I would like to advise you on the choice of the cabin, something in which you should also take your time and analyze it well since you will spend many days there and it is the same as if you choose a hotel and go around many times until you find the perfect one. Follow these tips to choose your stateroom on a cruise :

– Take a good look at the size of all the cabins since the most basic ones are usually small and depending on how many you are and what your things occupy, they can be a bit uncomfortable, especially if you are very "homemade" and you are going to spend a lot of time there. If you have a child, it is best to take a larger one.

– Depending on which deck (floor) the cabin touches you, it can be more or less noisy , since if you have a gym or a disco nearby it may be a less quiet place than another that touches you in another area. Always look at the map to be able to choose the best area for your cabin, and also ensure that it is away from places such as stairs, elevators or any other area with a lot of traffic.

– If you do not like narrow spaces or the movement of the sea makes you dizzy, choose a cabin that is on the lowest possible floor since the swaying is much less noticeable there and they are wider than in the upper parts.

– Also keep in mind that the engines are located in the stern, so to avoid vibrations or annoying noises, choose an area that is not there.

– Regarding the type of cabins, if you are going to choose it inside, make sure that it can be somewhat overwhelming not having a single window to see the outside at some point. There are also cabins with a window (that cannot be opened) and others that have a balcony and are ideal for having your own terrace and sitting down to enjoy the views. The most expensive are the superior ones and they are spectacular oversized suites with a lot of things.