Tips for traveling to the Caribbean

If you have already started preparing your vacations and you want to travel to the Caribbean , take into account this series of tips so that everything goes well and choose the ideal place based on your needs and the type of destination you want:

– The best time of year to go to the Caribbean is between May and December, since it is not only summer but it is the hurricane season, so traveling there is much cheaper. The fact that it is a time of hurricanes does not mean that one is going to catch you, but that they occur in those months and that there may be the possibility, but then it would also have to be where you are and all that. It is best to look at the forecasts.

– To minimize the risk of hurricanes, you can choose a cruise , since they change their route depending on the hurricanes and you will always be in a safe environment and visiting the most important places in the Caribbean. This is true, I worked in one and I had to experience a tropical storm, so we changed our destination and that’s it.

– The largest islands in the Caribbean are Barbados , Guadeloupe, Martinique, Haiti or Anguilla.

– If you are only looking for beach, Aruba is the best destination. If what you want is also fun in the water, choose the Cayman Islands, which also have completely crystalline waters.

– If you don’t want a crowded place, choose the small Caymans , Turks or Caicos.

– If you like casinos, live music, pubs and, ultimately, going out, the best places are the Dominican Republic , Jamaica, Aruba or Puerto Rico.

– If it is a family trip with children, choose Puerto Rico , Aruba or Grand Cayman.

– If it is a romantic trip, nothing like a paradisiacal destination in Anguilla, Dominica, Santa Lucia or Puerto Rico .