Jamaica: a destination not only for sun and beach

Jamaica is a name that, as soon as you hear it, reggae- style music and the name of Bob Marley come to mind. But, for many, it is also one of the main sun and beach destinations in the middle of the Caribbean Sea. This makes one tend to think that it is ideal for a few days of relaxation, lying down to tan or taking a bath in an idyllic sea . And yes, of course, all this can be done. However, it would not be fair to speak only of Jamaica as a destination only for sun and sand. And this island hides other charms that offer many other opportunities to enjoy a good stay . They are walks, activities … less known that are ideal for adventure lovers, as well as for those who wish to deepen their culture. And, of course, we must not forget its gastronomy.


Before entering these more alternative destinations, Jamaica well deserves a tour of its Caribbean beaches , which are abundant, making the island a paradise on Earth.

The options, as we say, are multiple, but there are a number of beaches that you should not miss. One of them is called Negril Beach , which is internationally recognized. And it is not for less because it has everything you need for rest and well-being on the coast, apart from unbeatable views of the sea within an environment of palm trees.

Another area that you must visit is the one located in the northwest of Jamaica and in the surroundings of the town of Montego Bay . This part of the island is the one with the greatest diversity of literals. However, one of them stands out: Half Moon Beach . Its main attraction is the contrast it offers between the dark waters and the fine white sands .

In this part of the island, you should not forget to visit Doctor’s Cave Beach , which is a very exclusive area, ideal for those looking for more privacy within a truly idyllic natural environment .


In addition to touring the entire coastline of Jamaica, another good option to enjoy a stay on the island is to opt for more adventure or sports activities. In fact, it is an ideal environment for diving for the fish and marine species that can be seen or kayaking , as well as for horseback riding along its routes in the middle of nature.

And, if you still want more adventure, the alternative is to go to the Canopo circuit , in the Montego Bay area, where there are zip lines and nature tours. With less adrenaline, but also with an adventurous spirit, you can do the different hiking routes or excursions through natural landscapes such as the Blue Mountains . Of course, a must see is the Santa Elizabeth Falls .


Jamaica is a destination that is equally attractive from a cultural point of view. And not only because of reggae , which we mentioned at the beginning, although music is fundamental in this country and a Jamaican cannot live without it and it is part of their day-to-day life.

Besides being able to learn everything about Bob Marley and reggae, this island has an intense cultural life from the hand of different artists. Specifically, in it, you can see different styles and expressions or artistic manifestations such as surrealism, impressionism, social realism….

From the musical point of view, other rhythms such as reggaeton , rap and even hip hop are also present . A whole cultural fusion that is breathed in the air of Jamaica, where there is no lack of dance or dancing, which is present every day of the Jamaicans.


And, of course, the good tourist must try the food of the place. Jamaican cuisine is highly influenced by food from England and Africa . A whole fusion that makes it unique through numerous dishes that, in general, have in common the strong flavor and the use of many spices .

The dishes are mainly cooked with local fish and seafood , as well as rice , chicken and vegetables . But one of the main ones is the Ackee and Salfish , which is made with cod, black pepper, tomato, onion and pepper.