Laucala Island, a paradise with 25 luxury villas

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The planet still has paradises. Climate change is a threat to all of them, but despite the regrets we can find such wonderful places as Laucala Island , a small island located very close to Fiji, specifically next to Taveuni, which is the third largest island in the country by behind Viti Levu and Vanua Levu.

The numbers

It belongs to Dietrich Mateschitz , owner of the Red Bull company, whose current account has been expanded thanks to the 25 luxury villas that we can find in the northern part of an island that measures 12 square kilometers. The maximum capacity is 80 guests and there are about 380 people working at the service of all of them. With a minimum ratio of almost 5 people per guest, it is clear that any need is covered instantly.

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What can we find?

Volcanic mountains covered with tropical jungle, heart- stopping beaches , virgin mangroves and coral reefs through which fish of all the colors you can imagine move. As the resort covers 4.5 square kilometers of the northern part, on the rest of the island there are jungle and coconut plantations. It is the space in which the rarest animals of the archipelago live.

There are also organic farms and gardens from which meat, fruits, vegetables and herbs are sourced and then used in the resort’s restaurants. The flowers and spices end up in the spa, where it is possible to relax by completely disconnecting.

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Private plane to arrive

To get to the resort, which for many is the most exclusive in the world, you have to take a private plane. The airport is in operation both day and night and receives aircraft of a maximum of 40 tons MTOW. The most common is to land at Nadi International Airport and from there take a King Air B200 that takes 50 minutes to reach the island.

Local culture

Guests can soak up the culture of Laucala Island and learn about its architecture. It is possible to join the so-called festival of Lovo , in addition to listening to traditional music and participating in the crafts of Fiji, with Masi art being the highlight.

As if all that were not enough, you can also get married in the island’s chapel, located a few meters from the place where the native inhabitants of Laucala Island live.

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Villa types

Returning to the subject of the villas, it must be said that they are built in such a way that they fit in with the landscape and the traditional houses of the island. Eleven of them are located in the middle of a coconut plantation and have access to a private beach. Four others are at the top of the Nawi Plateau , a mountain in the center of the island surrounded by tropical rainforest and with impressive sea views.

There is another villa that appears to float on the water and one that is at one of the highest points on Laucala Island. Called the Hilltop Estate , it has 1,200 square meters of living space and boasts privileged views of the entire Fiji archipelago. And not only that, but you also have a private cook, a driver and a private babysitter.

In all cases they have used natural materials for their construction (wood, thatched roofs, fabrics made with traditional coconut shell known as magi magi…). And in all cases you also have a buggy at your disposal to explore the island on your own.

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Restaurants and bars

When it comes to filling the stomach, everything is under control. There are five restaurants and bars where you can taste traditional cuisine, the highest quality wines or delicious cocktails. There are also alternatives to enjoy the best of Mediterranean or Asian cuisine. In fact, you can even order a barbecue next to the beach.

At the Beach Bar on Laucala Island, which of course is located in the middle of the sand, you can order seafood and grilled meats, as well as the typical raw fish salad there, which includes coconut, lemon and chili. Obviously, there are also ice creams to withstand the heat.

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Getting bored is forbidden. It is a perfect place for people with an adventurous soul , since you can go on excursions through the jungle, go horseback riding or do all kinds of water activities. They have a fleet of 14 boats and several jet skis. You can practice windsurfing, kitesurfing and kayaking, as well as diving among turtles and angelfish (you can also see them snorkeling).

Sports enthusiasts can golf on a professional 18-hole course designed by David McLay Kidd that offers amazing views of the Pacific Ocean. Children, meanwhile, can have a great time at the Kids Club , where activities of all kinds are organized for them to have fun and learn.

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Finally, and no less important than all of the above, Laucala Island has a top -notch spa . Among other things, they offer typical Fijian therapies. There are up to four treatment villas, all with an outdoor hot tub, a relaxation room, and a changing room.

There are also two rooms with Vichy showers and steam room, a beauty salon (where they perform manicures and pedicures) and the Spa Garden. Guests can choose the aroma they want for their treatments, with some as desirable as nutmeg, cinnamon, lemongrass or coffee available.

Approximate prices per night

Now that you know everything and feel like going, do you want to know how much it costs to spend a night there? They are between 7,000 and 36,000 dollars, between 6,400 and 33,000 euros at the current exchange rate.