The most spectacular hotels in the world

They may not be the best hotels in the world, but there is no denying that they are spectacular . They are original and some are located in places with incredible views, but what they all agree on is what they offer to their customers. I mean to live an experience out of the ordinary, unforgettable.

In total there are 24 hotels that you should visit at least once in your life, although I already warn you that they are not exactly cheap. To go to any of them you will have to save throughout the year, since we are talking about very unique hotels.

Astarte Suites Hotel (Greece)

It is located on the volcanic rock of Santorini (on the island of Astarte) and has suites with a private Jacuzzi with spectacular views of the caldera and the Aegean Sea. Relaxation is more than guaranteed, since it also has an infinity pool from which you will never want to leave.

The decoration of the rooms is romantic, with built-in beds. They include satellite TV, CD player, minibar, bathrobes, slippers, cosmetics, terrace with views of the volcano … The cuisine is Mediterranean and the kitchen bar, which is the Morning Star, serves cocktails, light meals and snacks.

Spending one night in August can cost you between 320 and 1,000 euros .



Äscher Cliff (Switzerland)

It is a simply spectacular hotel. It is located in the middle of the mountain, at about 2,500 meters high so you can put your worries aside.

Getting there is not easy, so you have to be patient. You can drive to Weissbad, where you have to take a cable car and then walk for a long time.

It is an ideal hotel for hiking enthusiasts looking to spend a few romantic days as a couple or a few days off with the family. Don’t worry about food, as the building has a restaurant.

If you want to know the price of a night at the Äscher Cliff you will have to call by phone, as this is the only way to book. You will find the phone number on the website .


Attrap Reves Hotel (France)

It is an original hotel where they exist, since it allows you to spend a night under the stars and the light of the moon with all the comforts of a very correct hotel room. It is romantic, so most of the clients are couples who want to live a unique, almost poetic experience.

It can be, without a doubt, a perfect place to spend Valentine’s Day. The downside is the lack of privacy.

In August, enjoying a night in one of the bubbles can cost you 139 euros . Your location? Chemin de la Ribassière, about 22 minutes from Marseille by car.




Conrad Maldives (Rangali Island)

It is a luxury hotel that is located between two small islands that are connected by a bridge. The private villas are very spacious, their Retrear Spa has received several awards and has a restaurant that is located under the water. It’s called Ithaa and it’s the jewel in the crown.

In total there are seven restaurants serving international, Mediterranean and grill dishes. Additionally, there are over 600 wines to choose from at The Wine Cellar.

The island must be accessed by seaplane from Malé International Airport to Hulhule. The journey takes about 30 minutes.

Spending one night in August can cost you between 585 euros for the cheapest room and 2,108 euros for the Water Family Villa, with 150 square meters and capacity for four people.



Dedon Island Resort

It is located on one of the 7,107 islands that are part of the Philippine archipelago. It is a fantastic Resort located in a spectacular setting that invites you to enjoy a unique vacation.

The only sound that can be heard is that of water and nature. It is a haven of peace that anyone would want to retire to. The staff is very attentive and the decoration is very cozy. The food served in the complex stands out for being innovative, with fish being the star food.

Depending on the room (or maybe you should call it a villa) you choose, a night can cost you between 400 and 700 euros per person in high season.



Giraffe Manor (Kenya)

If you travel to Kenya you are bound to experience a safari up close. Accommodation is another matter, but I recommend spending at least one night at the Giraffe Manor. It is a unique place to enjoy nature and live with giraffes, which practically get into your room.

It is situated within a 140 hectare area of ​​indigenous forest, just 20 kilometers from the capital, Nairobi. It was built in 1930 and is now very famous for giraffes, who soon show up at the establishment to request their share of the breakfast.

There are also other animals such as wild boar, antelope and up to 180 different species of birds, as well as beautiful views of the Ngong Hills.

Spending a night surrounded by giraffes in August we do not know what it can cost, since you have to fill out a form to request information about the rates . If you are interested, do it, but keep in mind that it will not be exactly cheap.




Homestead Resort and Spa (Utah, United States)

Located in Midway, Utah, it has something that makes it extremely special. It is a hot water spring located in a limestone crater at a depth of 16.8 meters. Best of all, you can dive, as guided tours are organized between 11 in the morning and 6 in the afternoon.

Otherwise, it is a normal hotel, with two swimming pools, a spa, a golf course and tennis courts. There are two restaurants and shuttle service is offered to Deer Valley (8 miles) and Park City Mountain (15 miles).

Spending one night in August can cost you between 105 and 140 euros . What I do not know is if you have to pay an extra to visit the crater.


Hotel Le Moulin du Roc (France)

I admit that it is one of my favorites. It is located in Champagnac de Belair, in the center of Périgord. It was built in 1670 on the river Dronne, which still flows through there with a certain flow. It has thirteen rooms that are divided into three buildings interconnected by a labyrinth of walkways, stairs and terraces.

It is an ideal refuge to relax and enjoy nature. In addition, gastronomy lovers can enjoy the beauty in the restaurant, since it is one of the best in the area. The chef offers typical local products and a selection of wines of more than 900 varieties.

Spending a night at the Hotel Le Moulin du Roc can cost you between 200 and 300 euros in high season.


Katikies Hotel-Oia (Greece)

When you stay at this hotel you realize that paradise exists, and you don’t have to go to the Caribbean or the Seychelles to enjoy it. The Katikies Hotel-Oia is one of the jewels that we can find on the cliffs of Oia, about 300 meters above the Aegean Sea.

The views are privileged, the rooms are very luxurious and it does not lack an infinity pool from which you can disconnect from all your problems while projecting your gaze towards the horizon.

Spending a night in this hotel costs between 1,000 and 1,500 euros in high season.



Hotel-Restaurant Öschinensee (Switzerland)

It is difficult to find information about this hotel nestled in the Swiss mountains, right at the foot of the Öschinensee, a beautiful lake that gives it its name.

It is totally removed from civilization, so you can breathe pure air. You can consult all the relevant information on the official website of the area ( Of course, they are promoted by announcing the relaxation that you will find.




If you are cold or cold, forget about this hotel. It is located in Jukkasjarvi, in the northern part of a country as cold as Sweden. It is a town in which there are 1,100 inhabitants and 1,000 dogs.

In total it has 137 rooms and can boast of being the first and largest of all the hotels that have been made with snow and ice. Every year, some 50,000 people decide to stop by the ICEHOTEL to have a different experience, contemplate the Northern Lights and participate in various activities in the last natural park in Europe, which is 200 kilometers from the Arctic Circle.

We are talking about 5,500 square meters built with 1,000 tons of ice from the river Torne and 30,000 tons of "snice", a mixture of snow and ice that serves to strengthen the structure.

Spending one night costs a minimum of 220 euros and it is difficult to find availability in summer.



Juvet Landscape Resort (Norway)

It is a hotel of total disconnection. A hotel where it is easy to relax and park the problems of day to day. It is considered to be the first landscaped hotel in Europe and it cannot be said that it is old and ugly. Quite the opposite. It stands out for its spectacular design that blends wonderfully with nature.

Jensen and Skodven have been in charge of building seven glass cubes in which guests rest observing everything around them. Integration with the environment is total and the experience must be unforgettable.

A double room with breakfast costs NOK 1,450, which at the current exchange rate is around 176 euros .




Igloo Village Kakslauttanen (Finland)

Located in Finnish Lapland, it stands out because it is made up of glass igloos. In addition, it has the privilege of having the largest smoke sauna in the world.

The igloos are made of thermal glass, so they keep the heat even if it is cold in those parts. The beds are luxurious and the toilets are private, although the showers are shared.

Guests can rent cross-country skis, snowshoes and Nordic walking poles. Husky and reindeer safaris are also organized and you can go ice fishing.

Spending one night can cost you between 250 and 325 euros in high season. Taking a look at the opinions of some users, I see that the experience has not been as good as expected, so you have to think about it before going.



Rayavadee Krabi (Thailand)

It is a five-star one of those that leaves you open-mouthed. The accommodation is right on the coast of the Andaman Sea, near the Krabi National Marine Park.

It lacks absolutely nothing. It is surrounded by tropical gardens and beaches. It has independent two-story booths and villas with swimming pools facing the sea. In all rooms there is a terrace to enjoy the views.

At the restaurant, called Raya, you can taste Western dishes and serve lobsters that cost an arm and a leg. International dishes (at Raitalay Terrace) and traditional Thai cuisine (at Krua Phranang) are also served.

Spending an evening in August can cost around 900 euros choosing the cheapest option of all.



Ladera Resort (Santa Lucia)

It is irresistible for the views it offers to the Piton Mountains and the Caribbean Sea. It is in a privileged location and offers villas with a private plunge pool. There is a spa, restaurant and free shuttle service to the beach.

The only problem you will have when paying, because in high season the most normal suite can cost 700 euros and the luxury suite goes up to 2,150 euros .




Le Sirenuse (Amalfi Coast, Italy)

Located in Positano, Le Sirenuse is a boutique hotel that has been built taking as its starting point an 18th century house. All the details have been taken care of to the maximum and the most attractive thing is to be able to contemplate the views from the terrace. You can do it from some rooms or while you taste the gastronomy of the area.

Ideally, stay in a room with a balcony that has a bathroom with sea views. The American writer John Steinbeck, one of the first lucky ones to stay at the hotel in 1953, raved about his stay: “Positano cala hondo. It is a dream place, something unreal when it is there and captivatingly real when it has been left behind.


Montaña Mágica Lodge (Chile)

It is curious about this hotel, since it is located inside a mountain, in Chilean Patagonia. Specifically in the Huilo-Huilo natural reserve, where it has been manufactured using typical materials from the area, between waterfalls and lakes.

It is perfect to disconnect, to live unforgettable days of ecotourism enjoying the nature of the place. It is in the town of Neltume, a town with a logging tradition, and surprises its visitors from day one. They can carry out all kinds of outdoor activities, such as cycling, hiking, trekking or zip-lining.

The price of one night at the Montaña Mágica Lodge starts at 120 euros .

Magic Mountain

Panchoran Retreat (Bali)

It is another resort to drool, a five star that stimulates all your senses. It is located on Seminyak Beach in Bali. It has a huge outdoor pool and a spa where you can relax by requesting any of the treatments they offer.

The rooms are very large and have views of the garden or the sea. There is a gym where yoga classes are offered, although they are not necessary to relax considering that the environment is as calm as you can imagine. There is also a business center, so it is not only fully operational in the summer months.

Staying overnight in this hotel can cost you between 380 and 940 euros in the middle of August.


Hotel Ristorante Grotta Palazzese (Italy)

It is in Polignano a Mare, about 30 kilometers from Bari. The fact of being on some cliffs offers you the possibility of contemplating spectacular views. The city in itself is beautiful, since the white houses have been built on the natural caves that are in direct contact with the sea.

Its name comes from the Grotta Palazzese, a cave that is part of a promontory located 25 meters above sea level. In the hotel restaurant, you can enjoy Mediterranean cuisine, but also international dishes and fish specialties.

From 140 euros you can feel privileged in the middle of August. It is not bad at all.


Shangri-La Hotel (Paris, France)

If the Eiffel Tower is your favorite monument, the Shangri-La Hotel in Paris should be on your list of hotels to visit at least once in your life. Of course, be careful what it costs.

Best of all, it offers fantastic views of the Eiffel Tower, which is only 600 meters away. Contemplating it as soon as you get out of bed should be an incredible sensation, as should dining outdoors next to the Moon and the most famous building in the capital of France.

The decoration of the rooms is very elegant, on the classic side. It does not lack a gym with personal trainers and other luxuries to relax and smile.

Staying one night can cost you between 750 and 2,700 euros in August, depending on the room you choose.


The Cambrian (Adelboden, Switzerland)

More movie views and more relaxation. The Cambrian is a hotel nestled in the Swiss Alps, with a 700-meter-high spa and a heated outdoor pool with mountain views.

The rooms are very large and the decoration of them is exquisite. There are also two saunas, a hot tub, and a gym. It is ideal for ski fans who do not mind paying the almost 200 euros that the cheapest room can cost you. The most expensive can easily exceed 400 euros .



The Manta Resort (Zanzibar)

If you are lucky enough to visit it, enjoy it to the fullest. It is one of the best beach hotels in the world, since it is located in an exceptional setting and lacks absolutely nothing. And best of all … the most expensive room is under the sea (it is the one you can see in the first image of this article).

The beach on which it is located is idyllic. It allows you to practice various activities in the water, although you can also walk along the shore while thinking positively. Privacy, romance, adventure … you know what you are looking for when you go to a place like this!

Before you see a video and several images about The Manta Resort, tell you that a double room in August can cost between 350 and 1,200 euros depending on the choice.




Ubud Hanging Gardens (Indonesia)

It is one of the jewels of Indonesia. It is luxurious and overlooking the Ayung river. It offers villas with a private infinity pool. It is a five star with three restaurants and a spa.

The rooms are large and have a terrace. They are decorated in the purest Balinese style and they do not lack anything. Guests can relax on them, but they can also opt for fun cycling routes.

A double room costs between 420 and 550 euros in high season.





Villa Escudero (Philippines)

The last hotel on this list is no less spectacular than the others. Villa Escudero has a lot of tradition and charm. It is spread over some coconut plantations and they welcome you with traditional songs to welcome you properly.

It is not far from Manila, the capital, so it is a must for those who do not want to miss the opportunity to spend a night outdoors in one of the best establishments in the area. The most famous of all, as you can see in the images, is its restaurant located at the foot of a beautiful waterfall.

To know the prices you have to fill out a form on the hotel’s website ( ).


Villa Escudero waterfall