Tips for choosing the best hotel

By these dates it is likely that you are immersed in the search for one or more hotels in which you will stay during your vacation. In that case, I am convinced that you will do everything possible to choose well based on your priorities and the available budget, for which it is advisable to put into practice tips like the ones I share with you in this article.


It is usually what we give the most importance to, since we have a budget for our vacations and we do not want to exceed it. Of course, sometimes it is worth making a little effort to stay in a higher quality hotel, especially if you are traveling with children. Remember that comparators and travel agencies allow you to filter your searches by ordering them by price (from highest to lowest or from lowest to highest).


Who doesn’t like to stay close to the city center and the most important monuments? Nobody wants to be on the outskirts , unless what you are looking for is tranquility. The fact of being close to what is going to visit allows us to do without public transport, saving time and money that this implies.



When we go to a hotel we hope to feel at home. We want everything to be clean and we value that it is. That is why it is worth reading the comments posted by people who have wanted to share their opinion about the hotel in which we are interested.


You and only you give priority to the services that you consider essential in a hotel. To give a couple of examples, I can put that of that person who is looking for an all-inclusive so as not to eat out or that of who values ​​that there is room service for breakfast, lunch or dinner without leaving the room.



Fortunately, WiFi is reaching almost all hotels in the world at no extra cost. As it is not yet in all, it is good that you look at the hotel file to make sure that you will have free connection in the room. It is especially necessary for those who travel for work.

Type of hotel

There are hotels and hotels . There are some that are designed for children to enjoy, but there are also those that only accept adults. In the same way, there are rural hotels, boutique hotels, coastal hotels, ecological hotels … It is impossible not to find one that meets our needs.


Room size

The size of the room is of the utmost importance when it comes to sharing it . This is especially relevant when we travel with children, since it is good that they have space to move without stress. Also, in a room you can do more than sleep and watch TV. You can work, eat, unpack and put your clothes away without problems …

Public transport

It is another of those questions that I consider fundamental when choosing a hotel. That public transportation is close by is great news when you don’t have everything you want to see within a stone’s throw. Having a bus or metro stop nearby saves you from having to resort to taxis, which you already know are not nearly as cheap as public transport.