Ibiza nightclub prices

Ibiza has become the party capital of the world . For many it is the ideal place to have fun, to forget about everything and enjoy good music in the best company. That is why every year it receives the visit of hundreds of thousands of tourists of all classes and ages.

Its clubs take advantage of the summer months to make cash, although most are open throughout the year. Tickets are not usually cheap, but there are discounts that allow you to access them by paying less than half.


It is the temple of electronic music in Ibiza. It is located in Playa d’en Bossa and has up to 5 different areas to dance until the wee hours of the morning. It is famous for its terrace, for the Sunday party and because the planes pass very close to it. The best international DJs are in charge of putting the best music.

Price: between 20 and 40 euros with the right to a free drink. The rest of the drinks can cost between 8 and 12 euros.


It is the original Pacha, the one from Ibiza. It was created in 1973 and since then it has not stopped working. It is the most prestigious brand in the world of clubbing , with a reputation that allows it to sell thousands of products around the world each year. It is famous for its cherries, for the VIP tables, for having a playground for celebrities and for being the oldest in the place.

Price: It is the most expensive of all, so be prepared to pay between 40 and 60 euros. In addition, the prices at the same door can be up to 20 euros more expensive than those of the presale. A beer can cost you about 12 euros and for a cocktail the most normal thing is that they ask you 15 euros or more.


If you like dance this is your nightclub. It is a quite dark cavern where the party does not end until the sun rises again. On several occasions it has been voted the Best Global Club, so something must have. It is famous for the open-air parties that were held in the 80s and for the good work of DJ Alfredo.

Price: If there is no special party you will have to pay between 25 and 40 euros. If there is, it is likely that they will ask you between 40 and 50 euros. A beer can cost you 10 euros and combined for between 12 and 15 euros.


It is also located in Playa d’en Bossa, right in front of the Space nightclub. It offers accommodation and parties, as it is a first-class hotel used to hosting large events. In its huge pool, glamorous parties are organized where Moët & Chandon mixes with water and chlorine.

Price: Being a guest at the Ushuaïa Beach Hotel to enjoy its parties will cost you a lot of money (between 990 and 10,000 euros a night in August).


It is the largest nightclub in the world. Its runway is the size of an airplane hangar, so you can’t say there is no room to move. Its sex shows and watching the sunset at Coco Loco make it the place of choice for many tourists.

Price: It costs between 20 and 50 euros. The beers cost about 10 euros and the mixed drinks about 12 euros. It is good to buy tickets in advance to avoid a huge line at the door.

The Paradis

For many, it is the most charming nightclub on the island, the one that best takes care of all the details. It is a kind of paradise, a glamorous labyrinth that was founded in the mid-70s to animate the nights of Ibiza, which at that time were beginning to gain intensity. It is very famous for its water festival and for its pyramidal roof.

Price: For the decoration exercise you have to pay between 25 and 40 euros. It is good to get in quickly, since it is one of the most requested clubs and its size is not even less like that of Privilege. Beers can cost you about 6 euros and mixed drinks about 10 euros. In San Antonio you are likely to find discounted tickets.


It is another huge nightclub and it is not located in Playa d’en Bossa, but in San Antoni de Portmany. It was completely renovated in 1999 and is easily accessible, since it is in the center of the town. There is music for all tastes, so it is not difficult to meet a wide variety of people.

Price: The entrance costs between 20 and 50 euros, something that will depend on the night and the time of year. Drinks range between 6 and 12 euros.

Ibiza Rocks

If you prefer to get away from dance and commercial music, you can always go to this club that bets on indie rock. It is the first venue for concerts in Ibiza and it has become more and more popular, to the point that it became the Ibiza Rocks Hotel. With the pool right next to the stage, it is normal that both the public and the artists end up taking a good dip.

Price: Normally you have to pay 40 euros to enter. Then you can benefit from lower prices than usual. Soft drinks and beers cost 5 euros, while for mixed drinks you have to pay about 10 euros.