Hiking in Bora Bora

If you think of Bora Bora , the first thing that will come to mind is that spectacular beach landscape with the beautiful waters and the cabins on them to take a dip almost without leaving the room. It is normal that this image is the first you remember since it is the one that has been seen the most of this impressive place in recent years, but the truth is that in Bora Bora not everything is a beach or taking a bath in it.

Among the many things you can do in this paradisiac place is hiking , which as you can imagine will be an experience that you will not forget in life thanks to the landscapes that you will travel during your walk. On the island there are many places where you can practice this activity, so if you like it, you will be able to combine beach and exercise in a unique place.

Mount Otemanu

The most famous route in Bora Bora is the one that takes you up this mountain, the highest peak on the island and from which you can see a truly impressive landscape. You start the path in the bay of Vairau , and you will meet several very interesting animals such as wild goats, but do not bother any of them or to take a photo since they are wild . The second part of this ascent is the most complicated as there are many slopes, but it is definitely worth it as the landscape is incredible in any section.


Mount pahia

It is not a mountain as high as the Otemanu but its ascent is much more complicated, so you must be very careful, especially if you are not an expert hiker. The ascent begins in Vaitape and it is a minimum of three hours of route, but along the way you will find beautiful orchid fields and a great variety of vegetation that will make it worth the effort. From there you can enjoy the view of all the Leeward Islands. Mount Pahia is said to be full of legends .