Travel to Vaitape, the capital of Bora Bora

The other day we took a virtual gastronomic trip to Bora Bora to know the most interesting of its gastronomy, and today I would like to take you back to that place but to know its capital, Vaitape . It is the largest urbanized area on the island, since although it is known mainly for its spectacular beaches, the truth is that as a city it is also very interesting for various reasons.

Vaitape is not only the capital but it is also the most populous urban nucleus of Bora Bora, with about 5,000 inhabitants , half of the entire population of the island. The capital is just over 200 kilometers from Papeete, which is the capital of French Polynesia , and the most widely spoken language is French, although a part of the population speaks Tahitian, especially in the areas of the most original peoples. The population began to inhabit the island after the Second World War since several naval bases, airports and warehouses were created there, places that still exist today.

Vaitape is in the western part of the main island and has a perfect view towards the Bora Bora Lagoon, one of the most beautiful places. From there you can also see other natural wonders such as Otemanu Mountain or Mount Pahia. The Motu Mute area is where the airport is located, on the outskirts of the capital, although the only company that operates there is Air Tahiti, which not only handles air transport between the islands of French Polynesia but also It also has some routes by sea to see the lagoon and the coral reef.

In Vaitape you can not only enjoy the natural paradises or nearby beaches but you can also do various very interesting activities, such as taking a helicopter ride to enjoy a very special view of the islands or doing it on a catamaran to be able to pass through them from the same sea.