Shopping in Milan

Everyone knows that Milan is not only a beautiful Italian city that is worth visiting for its monuments and history, but that one of its great attractions is shopping . The so-called "city of fashion" is the perfect place to lose yourself in a multitude of shops where you can find true wonders, especially in terms of clothing and accessories.

You can find all kinds of clothing stores throughout the city, spread over different shopping areas and that makes something as simple as shopping becomes an experience. The most famous shopping area in Milan is the one in the heart of the city, the Quadrilatero fashion district , which encompasses several streets and has not only luxury shops but also wonderful showrooms. It is the most expensive area to buy clothes in Milan, but also where you will find the most prestigious brands.

If the budget is not very large, do not worry as there are other areas where you can find very good clothes and accessories for much less money. Head through streets such as Corso Vittorio Emanuele , Via Torino, Corso Buenos Aires or Corso di Porta Ticinese and you will find fantastic shops as well as several very interesting places to continue sightseeing.

The best clothing stores in Milan

It is clear that there are many stores and it is very difficult to decide which are the best, but given the success they have, there are a few that deserve to be among the best. So, don’t forget to stop by Corso Como Outlet (one of the most exclusive shops in the city and close to Corso Carla Sozzani, a must-see). There are also other interesting ones such as Absolut Joy Tendencia Store (it is a clothing store and is on Via Paolo Sarpi) or Agnona (there you will find cashmere and angora garments. It is on Via Spiga), Andrea (boutique with women’s fashion on Via Paolo Sarpi).

If you like the fashion of the 50s , you cannot stop going to Bardelli, where they sell dresses and suits reminiscent of that time (it is on Via Paolo Sarpi). In Biffi (Corso Genova) you will find a boutique with the latest trends in fashion and accessories for both men and women. Finally, another highly recommended store is Cavalli e Nastri, a specialist in vintage clothing and accessories that has both very prestigious brands such as Dior or Chanel as well as other less well-known ones (it is in Via Gian Giacomo Mora).