White Night 2012 in Paris

Various events are held around the world that are worth witnessing at least once in your life for various reasons, such as experiencing New Year’s Eve in Times Square, witnessing the New Year’s concert in Vienna or attending an edition of the Olympic Games. Well, there is something that is celebrated in Paris and that every year has much more relevance, so it is the perfect time to organize a getaway and be able to enjoy that wonder.

This is the White Night in Paris , which will be held on October 6, so you have a lot of time ahead of you to organize your trip. It is a very special night in which Paris does not sleep and offers all those who wish it a wonderful 10-kilometer route called "Paris to infinity" and which takes place on the banks of the Seine … although later it goes up to the heights .

This year the 11th edition of the Nuit Blanche is already celebrated and some 15 panoramic places will be open to the public for this reason, places that are always usually closed to the public and that being able to visit them and enjoy the views they offer is a real luxury. In addition, many of the city’s museums will be open all night, including some of the most important such as the Louvre or the Center Pompidou.

Paris has always been called "The city of light" because of how spectacular it is at night with everything illuminated, so being able to enjoy a night of sightseeing with all the light it has, will undoubtedly be one of the great experiences you can. live in any of your trips. The Parisian White Night is undoubtedly a perfect excuse to take a trip to the French capital and be able to enjoy all its charms even more.