Travel from France to England

England is one of the favorite countries of the Spanish when it comes to going abroad, mainly to get to know London, its capital and one of the most interesting and complete cities in the world. The other day I was telling you that you can travel by boat to England from Santander or Bilbao, a trip that barely lasts 18 hours and is like a mini cruise. Today I will tell you how to do it from France, since many people prefer to go to the neighboring country by car and then travel to the United Kingdom .

Below I will detail the route you must follow to travel from France to England by car :

– Our destination in France will be Mirepoix . We will start the Mediterranean Highway at the height of Terrasa, in Catalonia, since you will know how to get there easily. In Terrasa, head towards Puigcerdá and cross the French border at Bourg-Madame, from there you will arrive at Mirepoix, a beautiful medieval town that I recommend you to walk through because there are very interesting things and that way you will rest a little from so much car.

– From Mirepoix you should go to Chateau de Locguénolé (Henebont, Bretagne Sud), there are about 800 kilometers and you will pass through well-known French cities such as Toulouse, Burdeaux and Nantes before reaching your destination, a beautiful place that I also recommend that you stop at know. There you should go to a restaurant in a castle that has spectacular views of a lake.

– From Henebont go to the port of Saint-Malo , 200 kilometers away, heading towards Lorient. It is in that port that you will catch the boat that will take you to the English town of Poole. It is five hours of crossing and you have bars and leisure activities, although those hours will be great for you to rest.

This is just one of the many routes out there. Another very interesting one is what you can do, also with the car, but taking the train (you can take vehicles) that crosses the English Channel . I’ll tell you about him another day.