The best airlines in the world in 2017

There are many things that we must take into account when planning a trip or a getaway. Luckily, nowadays we have it very easy when it comes to choosing destinations, beaches, tourist attractions and hotels thanks to the rankings that different companies specializing in travel offer us. For example, TripAdvisor has been building lists for ten years through the opinions and comments of its own users, with the intention that we are better informed in making travel decisions. Of course, until this year it had never focused on airlines, which we must also choose carefully, taking into account what we expect from them: punctuality, good treatment of staff, entertainment during the trip, good prices …

Thus, after researching the experience of users in some 500 air transport companies, the travel portal has selected the 10 best companies, including famous airlines such as Emirates, which has achieved first place. Do you want to discover its top 10? Well, all you have to do is join us!


Top of the list goes to Emirates, a Dubai government airline with one of the youngest fleets on the planet. It stands out for having the latest in cabin design, its comfort and its exceptional services and entertainment on board. In fact, the experience is top-notch in all classes.

Singapore Airlines

In second place we find Singapore Airlines, the flag carrier of Singapore that also has a young fleet (average age of 6 years). Its success is due, in large part, to its excellent customer service. Throughout its history it has earned a great reputation for its innovations. For example, it was the first to offer free headsets and the first to have in-flight satellite phones.


Closing the top 3 we find Azul Linhas Aéreas Brasileiras, also known as Azul. It is a Brazilian commercial aviation company owned by David Neeleman, who is also the founder of JetBlue, which we will talk about below. TripAdvisor users highlight, among other things, its fast service and friendly staff.


In fourth position we find JetBlue, an American airline that mainly flies to the Caribbean, Bahamas, Bermuda, Colombia, Mexico and Ecuador. Users highlight the tranquility of the flight, the comfort of the seats and the crew.

Air New Zealand

The fifth airline on the list is Air New Zealand, which operates flights to 22 domestic and 24 international destinations in 16 countries, although it focuses on Australasia and the South Pacific. Its comfort, its excellent food and its friendly staff have made its travelers recommend it.

Korean Air

Korean Air, the largest South Korean airline, occupies the sixth position in the ranking. During the last years it has improved its fleet and its services, which has earned it different international recognitions for its excellence.

Japan Airlines

We are still in Asia to tell you about Japan Airlines, Japan’s flag carrier. TripAdvisor users have valued aspects such as its food and its friendly staff.

THAI Smile

In eighth position we find another Asian airline. It is THAI Smile, a low- cost Thai company, a subsidiary of Thai Airways International. Customers highlight his efficiency, kindness and generosity with regard to checked baggage and snacks on board.

Alaska Airlines

We return to the United States to tell you about Alaska Airlines, which operates flights to more than a hundred destinations. Users emphasize its competitive prices and excellent service.

Garuda Indonesia

Finally, we must talk about another Asian company. This is Garuda Indonesia, the national air line of the Republic of Indonesia, which according to users, offers a very pleasant travel experience.