The most and least permissive airlines with animals

fly with animals
Sooner than we think, Christmas will have arrived in our homes. At this endearing time of year, many people travel to other corners of the country and even the planet, to reconnect with their loved ones, especially in these times of crisis, in which many have had to find their lives abroad. from our borders.

Although there are many alternatives to leave our dogs safely while we travel, the truth is that during Christmas it is difficult to separate ourselves from our pets, who are one more in the family. Luckily, it is becoming easier to travel with pets in different means of transport, including the plane. Of course, not all companies offer the same treatment to pets. That is why today at Vuela Viajes we want to talk to you, we are the most and least animal-friendly airlines.

Not all airlines are the same

Did you know that almost half of the homes in our country have a domestic animal? Yes, it is a lower figure than that of other European countries, but in any case it has not stopped growing for a few years. Thanks to this, the tourism sector has begun to adapt to pets, today it is much easier to travel with them. Of course, as we have anticipated, not all companies are equally permissive with pets. A study carried out by the online agency eDreams proves this.

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The most permissive companies

The study carried out by the travel agency has analyzed 10 airlines: Iberia, Vueling, Air Europa, Swiss Airlines, British Airlines, Ryanair, EasyJet, Air France, Lufthansa and Air Berlin. Of all of them, the first three are the most permissive when traveling with animals. What is the agency based on? Well, very simple! They are the airlines that accept the most pets as domestic animals, since in addition to dogs and cats, they allow you to fly with birds and turtles. In addition, Vueling adds fish to its list of allowed animals, while Air Europa also accepts rodents. On the other hand, it must be borne in mind that with these three airlines you can travel with pets more cheaply (from 25 to 160 euros, always depending on the weight of the animal and the size of the carrier).

Companies that do not allow traveling with animals

Although it may seem strange to you at the present time, there are still airlines that do not allow you to travel with animals. Of those analyzed by eDreams, we find Ryanair and EasyJet, airlines that only allow animals to enter when it comes to guide or rescue dogs. In this case, and as in other companies, dogs can travel for free.

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Tips for flying with pets

What we recommend if you plan to travel with pets is that you inform yourself well about the requirements of each company. In addition, it is important that, when taking your flight, you also book your pet’s flight, since most companies have limited places for pets. It is better that you avoid plane changes and that you opt for flights first thing in the morning or late in the afternoon in hot weather. On the other hand, in cold season it is better to travel during noon. On the other hand, we advise you not to administer tranquilizers to the animal, as these can increase the risk of respiratory and heart problems. In addition, you should bear in mind that if your animal is small, you may be allowed to take it in the cabin.