Fastjet, new low-cost airline

As much as there is a crisis, the travel sector does not suffer as much as it should, and it is clear that we all make the necessary efforts to enjoy a few days of vacation , because if in addition to juggling salary we cannot enjoy it minimally , turn off and let’s go.

The fact is that, despite the crisis, we will soon have a new airline operating, which will be low-cost and whose owner and founder was also the famous easyJet, so it is clear that man knows what he is doing and that will make it one of the most successful low-cost companies. He is a Greek businessman named Stelios Haji-Ioannou and in the coming months he will launch Fastjet .

The objective of this new airline is very clear: to compete with easyJet , something that has left the British company very concerned because they know that whoever is at the helm knows not only the sector but also the competition, and that is something that will undoubtedly will give advantage. Although it is also clear that the new company will have to work very hard to achieve a name within the airline industry.

Such is the concern and shock that the birth of Fastjet has caused in easyJet that the British airline has issued a statement in which it says that they will take all necessary measures to protect their rights and the interests of shareholders, but nowhere do they speak of the users, who are supposed to be what we really care about.

I am looking forward to Fastjet to start operating, and it is more than likely that the war between these two companies will allow travelers to find really low rates , so you have to save a little to start traveling. Promotions, greatly reduced prices and greater on-board services are the three things that both airlines are already working on in order to beat their rival.