Naked Air, an airline to fly naked

I always take a look at magazines or travel programs to look for new things to bring you and there are times when I find the most surprising things, as is the case of what I am going to tell you today, that more than a traveling proposal it is a news but that is the most original.

It turns out that there is an airline dedicated to nude flights , it is called Naked Air and although it does not operate regularly, it has already made some small trips with all its passengers (and crew members) in bolingas. There is no doubt that you will travel totally cool (or cool) and you will not be as hot as is often the case on airplanes.

You are probably wondering when you should take off your clothes , because of course, you can’t walk around the airport with everything in the air. Once everyone has boarded and the ramps are closed, the passengers undress, which is when it is almost time for take-off. When the hostesses pass with the drinks cart they also distribute towels , something logical since if you always think about who will touch you next, if you go naked, then I say that the concern will be greater, especially in hygiene matters.

So far only one flight has been made, in 2003, but their website is operational and there they are informing about the preparations for the next one and all the indications so that when it is done you can sign up. Obviously the destination matters little since the important thing is the flight itself since a good party was mounted on board. It will be necessary to see if another one is organized soon, who likes nudism of course that has to be cool about this.