Skiing in Serre Chevalier

Although these days the weather is very good in most of the country, the logical thing is that soon we will have the cold here and, in many places, the snow. If you are one of the people who loves to go skiing every year, today I bring you a place that I discovered recently and that I loved because it is a perfect mix of facilities, landscape and services, all essential for any skier.

It is Serre Chevalier , a beautiful place that is in the Durance Valley in France, very close to the border with Italy and south of the French Alps. Here you can enjoy a fantastic holiday in the snow as it has several tracks and circuits that are quite original and unique. It is an ideal place to stay there and spend all your vacation days there but a bit uncomfortable to go only one day since there is usually a lot of traffic on the road that takes you there.

One of the things that most attracts your attention in Serre Chevalier is the wide variety of slopes that you can find, all of them surrounded by trees and that become the perfect place to ski whatever your level, so if you want to go in group but some do not know how to ski nothing happens, each one will have a special track. In addition, there are instructors who form groups of novices to teach them, so you will have no problem learning.

As if the skiing experience were not enough, the nightlife in Serre Chevalier is the most interesting and enjoyable since there are plenty of establishments of all kinds (rustic, modern …) and where all those who enjoy during the day gather. out of the snow with skis. Night resorts with facilities of all kinds and that are located in the middle of nature and with a spectacular landscape ahead.