Skiing in Furano

Furano is a classic town that has become one of the top ski destinations in Japan. The area has spectacular volcanic views and a traditional culture that will allow you to get to know its people much better. The ski center is located 10 minutes from the city. It has long hosted different events such as the FIS World Cup races in Japan.

It has a fast cable car that was installed in 2002. The ski area also offers stunning views over the valley of the smoky volcanoes Mt Tokachi and Mount Asahi, the highest peak on the island of Hokkaido . Furano’s size means there is plenty to do besides skiing, including hot spring areas, more than 100 bars and restaurants, and an annual winter festival.
All those who decide to spend their vacations in the area, will also be able to attend plays of the most traditional Japanese theater that can be imagined and other types of cultural shows. Furano is famous for creating the largest snow sculpture annually. The city is located in the geographic center of Japan’s northern island of Hokkaido.
To make the most of the terrain and the visit of tourists, Furano offers a series of free services that aims to be unique in Japan, in which expert guides take visitors to the best terrain, as well as advise them on culture and culture. history of the area and recommend the best bars, restaurants and thermal baths.