A walk along the Seine

If you are going to travel to Paris , in addition to visiting the Eiffel Tower , the Champs-Elysées and all those places that you have in mind, one of the most beautiful activities you can do is a cruise on the Seine, the most famous river in the city and from which you can cross the entire city and see such emblematic places as the iron tower, the Louvre Museum and many more. There are many companies that organize this type of trip, and you can do it on a cruise or just for a walk.

If you use the transport called Batobús , you can move around the river as if it were a bus or the metro, with 6 stops distributed along the quays throughout the city and that you can get off and on as many times as you want, or do the complete tour to enjoy Paris from the river. The tickets usually cost, depending on the company, about 10 euros for a day, and in that time you can use it as many times as you want. If you buy it for two days you will have a discount and so on. There are many companies so you will have many options, and the good thing about it is that all the stops are at the door of the key sites.

Another option you have, especially if you want to make the trip in a romantic plan, is to take one of the night cruises with dinner included. They are a bit expensive but it is worth it, since for two hours you will enjoy a beautiful cruise through the city of light at the same time as you have dinner and have a glass of champagne next to the person you love. You also have this option for food and prices vary depending on the place you want on the boat, it is clear that if you ask for the terrace it is not the same as if you go inside.