A walk through Johannesburg

Johannesburg is the largest and most populous city in South Africa . It is one of the richest cities in the country but in it you can find very poor and extremely dangerous neighborhoods. It is one of the 40 largest metropolitan areas in the world, the only so-called "global city" located in Africa.


The difference in standard of living becomes apparent when we look at the white race and the black race. While the former live with all kinds of luxuries, the latter live in third world conditions.
The census shows that about 3 and a half million inhabitants live in the city . 81% of homes have access to drinking water and 80% use electricity as their main source of energy. By race, African blacks are 73% of the population, whites 16%, South Africans of color 6% and Asians 4%.


Johannesburg contributes to the national GDP with 16% . Mining is their main source of income thanks to the important deposits of gold and diamonds that are controlled there. We also find a wide variety of manufacturing industries such as steel mills and cement factories.


The city has a dry and sunny climate . The temperatures are quite pleasant thanks to the altitude of the city. During winter, it is quite common for temperatures to drop below zero and frost. Snowfalls are very rare and the annual average rainfall is 713mm , especially in the summer months.


Although Johannesburg is not a popular tourist destination, in recent years it has become a bit more fashionable. History museums such as the Apartheid and Hector Pieterson museums have been upgraded, as well as the large Gold Reef City amusement park, located south of the Central Business District. As if that were not enough, the celebration of the Soccer World Cup in 2010 will promote tourism and make the city known to the world.


Regarding the means of transport, the city has airports, buses, taxis, trains and roads to get around. The most important airport is the ORTambo International Airport and it is valid for both local and international flights. It is one of the best airports in the world.
855 buses cover 84 different routes.
There are two types of taxis , metered or minibus. This type of vehicle is less frequent than in other cities such as Barcelona or Madrid.
Finally, as far as trains are concerned, the construction of the Gautrain Rapid Rail began in October 2006 and it is estimated that the work will be completed by the 2010 Soccer World Cup.


Places of interest that you cannot miss

– Africa Museum
– Apartheid Museum
– Johannesburg Botanical Gardens
– Gold Reef City Mining Theme Park
– Melville neighborhood
– Lion Park Zoo
– Alexandra neighborhood