Travel on luxury trains

Traveling a few days by train can be as or more appealing than going on a cruise. A guaranteed landscape adds a unique stay. The rides in luxury trains gain followers and, thus, that cinematographic vision of elegant compartments, mysterious characters and stories with genius is renewed, where the scenery and the passengers seem more magical at the rhythm set by the locomotive.
Before embarking on this adventure, you can only hesitate about a few questions: where, how long, with whom and how much you are willing to spend , since this new generation of convoys includes from dance floor, pub, bar and library. to hydrosauna, turbomassage and steam bath.


We propose the following 3 luxury train trips:


Route: from Santiago de Compostela to León, and vice versa.
Duration: 8 days.
The trip: the train stops and connects with views on foot and by coach that allow you to go to the Altamira caves, have dinner in Santander or visit the Romanesque of Palencia.
1st Class Seal: four saloon cars house all kinds of services (dance floor, restaurant, library, etc.)
Price per person: eight days with full board, excursions and accompanying guide, 2,300 euros.



Route: Madrid-Lisbon. Madrid-Paris. Barcelona-Paris. Barcelona-Milan. Barcelona-Zurich.
Duration: 2 days.
The journey: there are various routes in which maximum comfort is guaranteed to passengers. The stay is considered as the experience of traveling in a mobile hotel, and combines the comforts of a luxury accommodation and the advantages of travel.
1st Class seal: security card for each compartment, cabins equipped with bathroom, welcome drink, ‘gourmet’ dinner and continental breakfast. Free 48-hour parking service for customers arriving by car at the station.
Price per person : round trip, 350 euros.



Route: Paris-Budapest-Bucharest-Istanbul.
Duration: 6 days.
The journey: the convoy is a replica of the train manufactured in 1864 by George Pullman in which many famous passengers have traveled and which have inspired countless books and films such as "Murder on the Orient Express" (1974) or "From Russia with love »(1963).
1st Class Seal: both the atmosphere that is breathed and each of its corners emanate sophistication. Of its 17 wagons, 11 correspond to sleeping cars. Comfortable compartments, personalized butler service, 1920s furniture, gastronomic menus …
Price per person: from 3,000 euros.