What to pack to travel to the Caribbean

When we are going to take a trip, it is essential to pack the suitcase well to be able to carry everything you need but without weighing tons. Depending on where you are going to travel, you must do it in one way or another, especially since it is not the same to go to a winter destination with a load of coats than to a beach with swimwear and little else. If you are going to travel to the Caribbean, take note of these tips to know what you should put in your suitcase so that you do not miss anything:

– The most effective thing when preparing a suitcase is to make a list as this way you make sure that you will not forget anything. From a couple of weeks before, write down all the things you need for your trip, even those things that you do not know if you will need or not. The important thing is that you have everything written down and then decide what to take and what not, so it will be much easier to have everything prepared.

– Undoubtedly, the first thing you have to pack is your bathing suit, a few so that you can change several times a day or during the trip. It is very likely that you do not need to bring towels as all resorts have them available to all customers.

– Other items for the beach such as a cap, sunglasses and all kinds of sunscreen to always be under protection and there is no risk of burns. This is very important since in the Caribbean the sun hits with great force and even if it seems that there is a cloud you should put on a lot of protection since you will be able to burn in a few minutes.

Mosquitoes are usually a problem almost anywhere in the Caribbean, so do not forget a good repellent both for the room and to wear in case you suffer a bite.

– As for clothes, wear clothes that are very fresh since it is very hot there at any time of the year. You can take a jacket in case you need it one day but come on, to prevent more than anything because I don’t think so. Even if you only go thinking about the beach, also bring a change of elegant clothes, especially since hotels usually require formal attire at dinner time.

– If you are going to do any activity such as diving, hiking or any other, do not forget the clothes you may need for it. Also take into account the footwear to wear sports shoes or all that you may need.