Travel to Isla Mujeres in the Caribbean

In the Mexican Caribbean there are a lot of paradisiacal places in which to spend a dream vacation thanks to its spectacular beaches and the nature that surrounds them. One of these places is Isla Mujeres , which is very close to the Yucatan peninsula and it is a small island 8 kilometers long and surrounded by amazing beaches where you can enjoy your days off.

It is called that way thanks to an anecdote with a lot of history, and it is that the Spanish conquerors who discovered the island found many Mayan offerings with female forms since the island was a sanctuary of the Mayan goddess of fertility and love. Thus, since then it began to be called that and today it is one of the most famous islands in the entire Caribbean.

To Isla Mujeres you can only go on an excursion from Cancun to spend the day or you can choose it as the destination of your vacation since it has a couple of places to stay, and it is that at first you could only visit it during the day but so many people He fell in love with the island that they made a couple of hotels to be able to satisfy all their visitors.

At various points on the island you can see some very important Mayan archaeological remains dedicated to the goddess Ixchel, in addition to being a refuge for both pirates and slave traders in other times. An island that is currently ideal for lovers of nature and marine fauna since in the surroundings you can observe and swim with dolphins and also see some turtles.