Travel to Isla Contoy

In the state of Quintana Roo, in Mexico, is the island of Contoy , which is very close to Isla Mujeres and is a charming island that is only about 9 kilometers long but is totally a reflection of what paradise should be. thanks to its crystalline waters and the long white sand beaches. A clear example of what the Caribbean is and the wonders that you can find there. At 700 meters wide, it is ideal to spend a few romantic days lazing in the sun.

In Isla Contoy they take ecology very seriously and are committed to very controlled ecotourism , so everything that is done on the island is closely monitored and there are many things that cannot be done. The best thing is that when you want to get to know its flora and fauna, you hire a tour guide as he will teach you the best and always going through authorized areas. This wonder of a place is also known as "the island of birds" thanks to the great variety of native species that you can find.

To be able to visit Isla Contoy you need a special permit that you can get both in Isla Mujeres and Cancun and that will allow you to discover an intact ecosystem, a wonderful landscape of white dunes mixed with forests and salty lagoons, giant torgugas, more than 98 species of plants and a great variety of birds of diverse species that flock to this island attracted by the great quantity of nutrients and foods that can be found in every corner.

On this small island, visits are organized to explore them, something that will not take you more than a few hours since it is very small, so you can do the tour in the morning and enjoy the beaches in the afternoon. During the tour, in addition to enjoying nature, you will be able to see the lighthouse and a museum where you will discover all the details about the origin of that place and its biodiversity. Isla Contoy is surrounded by almost 5,000 hectares of sea.