Visit the island of Bequia in the Caribbean

It seems that this week I have taken a liking to the Caribbean since I have written a lot about this wonderful vacation destination, although in reality I do it because I love it since I was there once and I like to see what more places there are there to be able to visit them one day.

Today I would like to tell you about the island of Bequia , one of the smallest populated islands in the Caribbean and which has very few inhabitants. There are not many luxury hotels there, but there are very comfortable accommodations that are fantastic if you are looking for a heavenly destination in which to have privacy and enjoy a quiet vacation.

The inhabitants of Bequia Island are almost all dedicated to the maritime life , be it fishing, building boats, being sailors or any other profession that is related to the sea. If you like fishing, you will undoubtedly be in one of the best places in the world to practice it. There is a catamaran that organizes snorkeling or diving excursions through the island’s waters.

The accommodations are charming although they are not luxurious, and you can stay in different villas that are all over the island and that are fantastic, at least I like them more than a normal hotel, especially if it is to be in a paradise like this. There are from 1 to 4 rooms and from very simple to others with all kinds of luxuries and details.

Bequia Island is undoubtedly a great option for a relaxing vacation where you want to spend all your time practically sunbathing on some of its beaches, all of them with crystal clear waters and beautiful white sand. One of the best Caribbean destinations and fortunately not as crowded as others that are more famous.